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Holy Fire 2002

By GOD'S Mercy I was able to attend this year again the descend of THE HOLY FIRE, which OUR LORD sends every year on GREAT SATURDAY.

For my surprise the HOLY SEPULCHER CHURCH was packed, with a lot of pilgrims. I saw parents with 10 yrs old daughter from Russia, and 80 yrs old woman from GREECE.Obviously these people were ignoring the warnings for safety in continuing war in Israel and besides of that made the decision to come and pay respect to the CHRIST HOLY RESURECTION.

I was especially impressed from large groups which come from Russia. There were also a lot of serbians and bulgarians as well. In our monastery we have very nice french orthodox men, it was a joy to see so many people in our difficult times !

HOLY FIRE came at approximately 2:00 pm and very quickly in a matters of seconds spread through the faithful.

What was really amazing was that the HOLY FIRE came out of the KOUVYKLIA (the chamber of burrial of OUR LORD) in few times before HIS EMINENCE PATRIARCH of Jerusalem IRINEOS took the heavengly LIGHT from the tomb. It lighted the candles of the Armenian man in front of the place where Mary of Magdalen met the LORD after resurrection.

Then the HOLY FIRE came to the GREEK CHURCH facing the entrance of the KOUVUKLIA, I was there and withnessed this miracle.

It was such a GRACE to see this under bell ringing. Even Jewish policeman were speechless.

One nun from our monastery told me "I was attending the ceremony for 20 yrs but I never had seen something simillar, it was like someone was throwing fire-balls in different directions..."

After 30 seconds the church was a volcano of lighted candles, with crying, and happy people were greeting each other and chanting "CHRIST IS RISEN" I left the church around 2:00 pm, just in front of us, Patriarch Ireneos was going back to his quaters. Passing by our group he proclaimed in Russian with lifted hands "ORTHODOXY FOREVER!"

My friend from Queens Dr Virgilesky,(who attend PASHA in Jerusalem for last 10 yrs)stayed in with his elderly mother and then O MIRACLE ! At 2:45 pm the HOLY FIRE come again !!!


I have a candles for everyone, and will give you when first posibility arrives.

Your Brother in Christ


Taken from e-mail message of author.

Miracle of Holy Fire site mapBegining of the sectionSergii Peichev, USA, New York, Russian Church Abroad(2002)