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The Holy Fire appeared late

(Description of Svetlana Pokrovskaya, a witness of the miracle of Holy Fire appearance in 1997. Writen by the author of the book V.G.).

When we prepared to depart to Jerusalem (Palestine), we where worried by statement, no ones knows where from it appeared, that an old monk predicted that the Holy Fire would does not appear this year. And if the Holy Fire does not appear aborigines will tear to pieces pilgrims. I reply that one must to deserve so honest to die near the Holy Sepulchre.

We (a few peoples - fellow traveler to the Holy Land) arrived long before the Christ Easter. We were in different holy places. We were near the Stone of Unction, we pray to our Lord everywhere. Woman-believers (Greek) poured different fragrances on this stone and odour is al-ways filled from it. We put kerchiefs on this stone and with them bring the odur at home. We received the Sacraments of our Lord Jesus Christ on Good Thursday. The bearing-out of the Shroud occurred on Good Friday. And we where in the church of Resurrection (Jerusalem) already in early morning on Good Saturday.

The Holy Fire usually appears on Saturday in morning, after eleven o'clock. But what does it mean usually? May be the miracle usual?

The Fire appeared very late those year, about half past two by local time. Peoples where in an agony of suspense, they recalled prediction that said that the Fire would not appear.

The lightnings glittered onto Kuvuklia before the appearance of the Holy Fire about eleven o'clock. Sometimes discharges are not seen but sometimes they where seen. They where of blue color.

We all where in different places of the church, some of us - near Kuvuklia, others far from it. All had both like and different impressions. Muscovite Irina from russian pilgrims see a ray. The ray appeared during the Holy Fire. All who where staying in Greek Church saw this ray, it was bright, light, clear-cut, narrow: it run from a dome through glass on high and through all the church into altar of Greek church. (The Church of Resurrection is conditionally divided on parts - of Orthodox greeks, Orthodox arabs, other places are possessed by copts, armenians...).

The Holy Fire appeared suddenly, the fire went to as stream above the Kuvuklia. And at ones it lighten oil-lamps on top circle. They lighten simultaneously. The Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Diodor went out of Kuvuklia with candles lightened with the Holy Fire. All tried to light candles from his ones. This fire does not burn at first, than get natural.

It is impossible to describe happiness of pilgrims, especially after long waiting. Thank God, Who allowed us to be in His holy Temple and receive the Holy Fire coming from Him.

Translation from russian to english of the author of site.
Cited: Gubanov Vladimir. The Holy Fire: Miracles on Holy Sepulchre. Pub. "Eleon", Moscow, 1997. P. 258-259.
See also russian original: Gubanov Vladimir Blagodatnyj Ogon': Chudesa na Grobe Gospodnem. Izd-vo "Eleon", M., 1997 g. S. 258-259.

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Miracle of Holy Fire site mapBegining of the sectionSvetlana Pokrovskaya, Russia, Moscow, (1997)