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Dear Servant of God, Cyril,

I was in Jesusalem for the Pascha in 1986 and witnessed this annual miracle. We were gathered in the Church of the Holy Sepulchure chanting "Kyrie eleison". The whole Church was illuminated by a bright flash of bluish light, as though lightening had struck. When the Patriarch emerged from the tomb with the Holy Fire and said: "Lavate Phos...." ("Recieve Light from the Light which never fades"), the flash of light repeated and about 20-30 worshipers unlit candles suddenly lit of their own accord. (Mine didn't, but sinful as I am I'm not surprised!). Several of my family members have since been and witnessed the same. My brother is going this year for the third time (in our tradition, after three pilgramages to Jerusalem you add the suffix "Hadji" to your surname.

There was also a documentary here in Australia filmed three years ago called "Easter Around the World" which shows footage of the miracle.


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