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WHAT IS THE HOLY FIRE - how the miracle occurs

  • Miracle of Holy Fire in different languagers
    Bulgarian - Благодатният огън
    Croatian - Pojava Sv. Ognja г Jerusalimu
    Danish - Lysunderet i Jerusalem
    Deutsh - Das Wunder des Heiligen Feuers von Jerusalem
    English - Description of the Miracle of Holy Fire that happens every year in Jerusalem
    French - La lumière sainte provenant du Tombeau de notre Seigneur Dieu et Sauveur Jésus Christ
    Italian - Un Grande Miracolo Dell'Ortodossia Rinnovato Annualmente Da Secoli
    Greek - Περιεχόμενα σελίδας Αγίου Φωτός
    Polish - Cud Świętego Ognia w Jerozolimie
    Romaneste - Miracolul Focului Sfant din Ierusalim
    Russian - Описание чуда схождения Благодатного Огня
    Serbian - Pojava Sv. Ognja г Jerusalimu
    Spanish - El Milagro del Fuego Santo en Jerusalén

  • WITNESSES - tell about Holy Fire

  • Atheist and non-christian confessions
  • Vadjih Nuseibe, Muslim, doorkeeper of the church of Holy Sepulcher Israel, Jerusalem, (2001)
  • Other (non-eastern-orthodox) Christians
  • Paul Walther, western pilgrim (1481)
    Henry Maundrell, English chaplain (1696)
    Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders, Presbyterian Church, Chicago USA (2002)
  • Orthodox Christians
  • Daniil, Russian Orthodox Abbot (1106-1107)
    Arsenius, Russian Archimandrite (1345)
    Dimitrij Vladimirovich Dashkov, Orthodox, embassy advisor, Constantinople (1820)
    Monk Parthenius, mount Afon (1845-1846)
    Diodorus I, Patriarch of Jerusalem Orthodox Church (1938-2000)
    George Georgiadis, pilgrime, Australia (1985)
    Kefalas Petros, pilgrime, Greece (1994)
    fr. Antonios Stylianakis, pilgrime, Greece, Thessaloniki (1994,95)
    Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias, Greek Orthodox (Jerusalem)(1996)
    Metropolitan Vasilis, Delegate of Jerusalem Greek Orthodox Patriarch Diodorus I, Jerusalem (1996)
    Svetlana Pokrovskaya, Russia, Moscow, (1997)
    George (Urij) Rehin, Russia, Moscow (1997)
    Boris Timurovich Babilua, Orthodox, St. Petersburg, Russia (admittedly 2000)
    Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D., Greek Orthodox, Jerusalem (2001)
    Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D., Greek Orthodox, Jerusalem (2002)
    Sergii Peichev, USA, New York, Russian Church Abroad, (2002)
    Dimitrius Khoury, Greek Orthodox, Jerusalem (2002)
    Eugene Daniel, BBC local contributor, Birmingham (2003)

    HISTORY - of Holy Fire and Church of Resurrection

    Patriarchs of Jerusalem Orthodox Church

    PHOTOS AND VIDEOS - of Holy Fire miracle and the Church of Resurrection

  • Fragments of Holy Fire videos
  • Documentary and amateur filming of the Holy Fire on the Internet
  • Photos of the Holy Fire

  • Bleeding of the icon of the Lord Christ in 2001 on the eve of Holy Fire rite
    Three Miracles
  • Old photos of Holy Fire
  • Church of Holy Sepulchre and Holy places
  • Plans of Jerusalem and Holy Sepulchre
  • Plan and Reconstruction of The Church of Holy Sepulchre
    Plans and maps of Jerusalem
    The plan of Jerusalem city in I century in times of Jesus Christ
    The plan of Jerusalem city in XII century in times of pilgrim Daniil
    Modern plan of Jerusalem Old city with major religious buildings

    PUBLICATIONS - where mentioned about Holy Fire

  • Books
  • Bishop Auxentios of Photiki. The Paschal Fire in Jerusalem: A Study of the Rite of the Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Berkeley, California, 1999. Pp. 213.
    Monk Theophanis. I Saw The Holy Light (a part of booklet)
    Archimandrite Savva Achilleos. I Saw the Holy Light. (a part of book)
    Gubanov Vladimir, The Holy Fire: Miracles on Holy Sepulcher. "Eleon" publishing house, Moscow, 1997, p. 273-275.

  • Part of books
  • Baldricus, in Gesta Dei per Francos., p. 87. XII c.
    Monk Parthenius. Report of the Wanderings and Journeys across Russia, Moldavia, Turkey, and the Holy Land. Volume 5.
    The Pilgrimage of the Russian Abbot Daniel in the Holy Land 1106-1107 A. D. By C. W. Wilson. London, 1888
    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII. 1910, Robert Appleton Company. Article "Itineraria".
    James Monti, The Week of Salvation - 1993 - 448 p. P. 373.
    Chronology of the Muslim scholar Al-Biruni (973 - 1048). Al Biruni / In the Garden of Science / Reklam - Leipzig 1991. Translated by Gotthard Strohmaier. (German)
    Hieromonk Cassian. A Scientific Examination of the Orthodox Church Calendar, eds. Archbishop Chrysostomos and Hieromonk Gregory (Etna, CA: Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, 1998), Ch. 9. Liturgical Havoc Wreaked By the "New Julian" Calendar
    Hvidt N.C., Miracles - Encounters Between Heaven And Earth, Gyldendal. Pp. 203-229. (2001 ? 2002 ?)(Original possibly not in English. Excerpt made by the author)
    Zsolt (EDT) Hunyadi, Jozsef (EDT) Laszlovszky, The Crusades and the Military Orders: Expanding the Frontiers of Medieval Latin Christianity - History - 2002 - 606 p. P. 90.
    Hunt Janin, Four Paths to Jerusalem: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Secular Pilgrimages, 1000 BCE to 2001 CE - Religion - 2002 - 272 p. P. 80.
    Colonel C R Conder, The City of Jerusalem - History - 2004 - 376 p. P. 13.

  • Magazines, newspapers
  • La lumière sainte provenant du Tombeau de notre Seigneur Dieu et Sauveur Jésus Christ // LA VOIE ORTHODOXE N°11, HIVER 1996
    Sue Talley. The Fire of the Resurrection // In Communion, N8, 1997.
    Niels Christian Hvidt. An Explanation of the Holy Week Services // "Berlingske Tidende", 15 September 1998
    Light at the Holy Sepulchre, Great Miracle Given by God, Only to the Orthodox Church // The Christian Life. 1 January - 31 March 1999 (Vol. 42 / No. 1-3)
    Materials of International scientific conference. Section "Religious studying, philosophy, theology". Pub. of Russian Christian Humanitarian Institute, 2000.
    Alan Philps. Mystery of Jerusalem's Holy Fire comes to light // The Guardian, London, England - April 16, 2001
    Larisa Chajka. Jerusalem prophecy // "Interesting newspaper" (Ukraine), N11 (62), block D, (2001 ?)
    The third sign. // Newspaper "Zhizn'", Sept. 14, 2001, no.16, pg. 1,4,5
    Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes. Pray We May Be So Worthy To Obtain The Holy Fire - The Great Miracle of Holy Orthodoxy // Spiritual Nourishment For The Soul, May 2002
    Dr. Maria C. Khoury. The Patriarchal Visit to Taybeh June 13, 2002. From mailing list "Orthodox Clergy" and site of St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas Texas.
    Lucy-axxe Hunt / Birmixgham. Eternal light and life: a thirteenth-century icon from the monastery of the Syrians, Egypt, and the Jerusalem Pascal liturgy
    Great Miracle on Orthodox Easter - the Holy Fire in Jerusalem.
    Jonathan Lis. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee // "Haaretz Service" (Israel), 29 Apr 2003.
    Victoria Clark, Sparks from the Holy Fire // The Tablet, May 7, 2003

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