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Tell me about the Holy Light? What should we tell people who ask if this is a miracle?

His Beatitude: It is the victory of life over death. We have many that witness. We can't teach people about the Holy Light, it takes belief. People should come and see. Let them come.

How did you feel for the first time that you did the service for the Holy Fire this year?

His Beatitude: Fear of God.the thought came to ask God as it is stated in one of the prayers that. please God do not prevent the miracle because of my sins.allow the Holy Light to appear aside from my sins, I prayed that God will not prevent this miraculous gift because of me or something I had done.

How did you feel when the Holy Fire appeared?

His Beatitude: In that moment it is like you are not alive. You are in another world. I can not find the appropriate words to express it. The brain stopped, everything stopped. I can't express it in words.

Did you get tiered?

His Beatitude: No, you don't feel tiered. You receive life.

After receiving the Holy Light what is the first thing that you thought about?

His Beatitude: I thanked God that He gave this gift.

When is the first time you had ever experienced the miracle of the Holy Fire?

His Beatitude: I was fourteen years old and I was standing outside the Holy Tomb and it is not just I that saw it but all that were with me. The flame swirled above us. I was shocked. I was shaking. I remember at that time Patriarch Benedictos coming out holding the candles of the Holy Light and a tall Russian Archimandrite with a full long beard was standing and received the Holy Light right in front of him and it would not burn his beard. He was holding it up to his beard and it would not burn. It was amazing.

Did you see other miracles?

His Beatitude: That we are alive is a miracle, is it not? Don't you think it is a miracle that we are alive?

And truly believing that it is indeed a miracle to be alive in the land of Christ's birth after the Israeli army has destroyed just about anything and everything in site, I stopped asking the patriarch any more questions. He was very pleasant, kind and spoke with deep humility but because of my simple Greek, I begged him to speak in simple Greek words that I could translate. It was a day filled with much spiritual strength and faith because when Christian leaders take time to express their love and concern for the faithful, they never know how many souls they can actually save. Especially in the Holy Land we need to practice what His Beatitude Michel Sabbah urged the new graduates to do which is to see God in each and every human face we meet. Only then, possibly, can Christians, Muslims and Jews live in peace in this sacred land of our holy fathers.

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Cited: Dr. Maria C. Khoury. The Patriarchal Visit to Taybeh. June 13, 2002
From site of St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas Texas

Miracle of Holy Fire site mapBegining of the sectionDr. Maria C. Khoury. The Patriarchal Visit to Taybeh. June 13, 2002